Sunday, February 14, 2010


Swaziland National Union of students

“We are members of the community before we are students”

The January Movement led by Swaziland National Union of Students [S.N.U.S.]

The Swaziland National Union of Students (SNUS) we want to convey our heartfelt appreciation to the many progressive friends of the Swazi students who have been issuing statements of solidarity to the oppressed students of Swaziland. We are encouraged and our spirits are renewed knowing that the progressive world community is with us and believes in the correctness of our struggle against this undemocratic kingdom of King Mswati III.

We were not aware that our struggle had struck the right chord, we thought we were alone but today we know that indeed the world community of progressive organisations will never let us struggle alone and this has made us to struggle even with more determination. We would like to single out the Swaziland Solidarity network (SSN), Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) and its sister unions, Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU), Trade Union Congress (TUC), Denmark allies, and many other organisations that have helped profile our struggle.

Today comrades we report that owing to the insurmountable pressure that the regime found itself under when it charged comrade Sicelo Vilane it decided to withdraw charges against him without stating the reasons why. Also, all our comrades that were abducted by the police during our last rally in Manzini were released without charge. We do not believe that this was because of the benevolence of King Mswati III’s government but rather to the pressure that you patriots of the world have put.

SNUS would also like to tell the government led by the illegally appointed Sibusiso Dlamini that the students are angry at the response that his government has given to students demands. In fact, the response is short of showing us the middle finger. The government was given four demands but responded only to two and in the most sarcastic of ways without regard to the seriousness and urgency that the students viewed their demands. Government has not even dared to respond to our concerns on free quality education for all students as well as how she will register our union. Instead government has written a one page responce where she states that she will not address the issue of personal allowance now but would rather talk about it once the scholarship policy has been passed into law. She says that the present scholarship will be revisited and students will be ‘consulted’ in due course.

Our problem is that government wants to pass the scholarship clandestinely and we wonder who will represent the collective interests of students if she does not want to register SNUS. We have dealt with this government long enough to know her cunning plans. We say today that we will no longer be begging government to respond positively to our demands, we shall now be on the streets mobilising and organising until government feels the heat and realise that we are serious and angry.

Our successful night vigil in Manzini deliberated and agreed that the problem in this country is not per ser individuals that do not want to listen to us, but is the foundation in which this country is built. Students realised that the problem in this country is a lack of democracy; it is the lack of power to the people to choose the government of their choice, hence this arrogance from the present administration. It was therefore agreed that the January 30 resolution must be reaffirmed and pursued to the bitter end.

Students also welcomed the formation of the Swaziland Democracy Campaign expected to be launched this coming week. Such noble initiatives have unwavering support from the students and come at the right time when students have vowed to make this country ungovernable and Tinkhundla unworkable. As students we have taken it upon our shoulders to ensure that democracy comes in our life time and we believe that Swaziland can no longer be an island of dictatorship in a sea of democracy. Students will hold a rally this coming week ass a build up to this watershed moment in the Swazi struggle.

Lastly, SNUS is expected to meet the South African Students Congress (SASCO) on Monday. SASCO has a history of always being on the side of the oppressed, poor Swazi youth and students in particular. Even at this hour of need, they have opened their arms and welcomed the students to their shores and to that we are more than grateful.


1) Scrap off the scholarship policy
2) Provide Free Primary Education to all pupils at Primary School
3) Register SNUS an official voice of students across colleges and universities
4) Increase our pathetic personal allowances

Comrades, we say the struggle continues and victory is certain!!!!!!

For more contacts
Thabo Dlamini
SNUS Secretary General
+263 1943

Maxwell Dlamini
SNUS organising Secretary
+268 6533564

Bheki Khumalo
SNUS President
+268 607 3442

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