Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Swazi police Abducted students

"Cdes, be informed that our President Pius Vilakati Swaziland National Union of Students [SNUS] has been abducted by the police and cannot be traced. We are worried about his safety following police's recent killing os suspects we have reason to fear for the worse particularly given that he has been a fearless critic of the government and a fierce leader of the students in these recent struggles. I was also abducted and dumped at Sidvokodvo early in the morning but at least I am safe and alive. We are worried that King Mswati's boys can do to a young student leader who wants nothing but the right of students. We however, assure comrades that even at this time of extreme brutality we are not willing to give up, we are determined, we are ready to lay down our lives in defense of our students and their future. We will keep u updated on what is the next step."

Maxwell Dlamini

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