Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Update from Swaziland

An update from Swaziland on the student march that started yesterday today turned out sucesful with students from Ngwane College (who were blocked by police yesterday) and Nazarene (who did not participate yesterday) attending in their numbers. We have since been told that government has issued a directive that all tertiary institutions be closed in Swaziland in light of the concerns that have been raised the students.

The number of people who turned to the streets todays are unprecedented and so far there has been no indications that students are willing to back off. Today students went to the PM to also complain about the implementation of Free Primary Education as well as the now customary complaint about the scholarship policy. They also demand that their union, SNUS, be registered and recognised as a student voice across all tertiary institutions.

The students are shouting, 'the struggle continues'.


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  1. The working class struggle will never be suppressed despite the onslaught against them by authoritan and totalitarian regime.

    The current struggle going on in Swaziland,demonstrate the failure of the Mswati regime to invest in education,but instead decide to invest in a choir of his women and children,while neglecting the poor and the working class.We wish to raise our revolutionary banner to the student of Swaziland in raising their demands under the most oppressive and totalitarian,authoritan regime.We call upon the dynasty to recognise SNUS as the leading voice of students in Swaziland.

    I wish to reaffirm and reiterate the statement I uttered during the release of Cde Mario Masuku,that for us to achieve free political activity ,academic freedom and freedom from any form of serfdom,the critical chalenge remain to ensure that through our hard and protracted struggle we ultimately overthrow Mswati regime,wether peacefully or violently.

    We need to intensify organs of peoples power in Swaziland namely UMBANE,PUDEMOS,SUDF,SSN,SWAYOCO,SNUS.The Apartheid regime was not only fought through peaceful behind the scene talks,but peoples organs like UDF,COSAS,SASCO,ANCYL,ANCWL,MK ,SACP as well as structures like self defence units played a significant role,to force the regime to succumb.Sanctions and boycotts are imperative but not the only weapon to defeat the regime.

    from Malefo Edwin


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